Saturday, January 29, 2011

         Omg! Stop my life! I reached level 2!!!
You see news reports, hear about studies and experience that this generation that is surrounded, no, controlled by electronics. Now I know this is mega old news "because everybody has heard about it" but I just cant get over the fact that Adults, parents, guardians hand over these mind controlling devices to children as young as 6.
 It's probably sort of surprising to some of you that you would be hearing someone my age talk about this that's not into tofu and flower power,
and normally I couldn't care less but as most things go, It's now starting to affect my life alot. To have a relationship where he owns half of this relationship and it feels as if 40% is being put into his video games and apps is pretty hard, especially when he's as amazing as he is. I've always wanted to know what it would be like to live without electricity or water that comes to you with a turn of a handle. When I was younger I would plan these adventure's I would have once I moved out and how I would find a piece of land with a flowing river and edible plants conveniently near by. What a dreamer.

But now that I've moved on from that and really opened my eye's on how life is living I was shocked! To know that cell phones can give you brain tumors and still continuously use them day in and day out. To witness a child lose themselves in an make believe world and to get them the newest series for their birthday. Then to complain on how teens are dropping out of high school's and giving up on their career to go sit in their mother's basement all day with empty 3 minute meals by their side is insane! And we wonder why the economy is so bad.

With texting drivers that cant wait for them to reach their destination and the people that take a call during rush hour: Why cant you wait? Why is it SOOO important that you have to risk not only your life but everyone around yous lives just to
say something that could've waited?

Most of my friend's think it's amazing that I can go a week away from all electronics and do out door activities on my own free will without going insane. With Facebook and every other social site out their you'd think there would be more communicating on how and where to meet up to actually hang in person but apparently liking Stacy's post on "Cutest Shoes Ever!" Is more important.

I'm not going to be like one of those crazy old people who want to banish all things needing a charger to hell and make sure that everyone knows that that's what they want, I'm just wanting for people not to feel like that's their life and can leave their devices on a table and walk away to go spend quality time with loved ones or friends or something. Go smoke weed for all I care but don't go play "Poke the bunny" when you could poke a real rabbit and see what the "surprising" outcome is!